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Counselling & Psychotherapy Sessions


I am almost working at full capacity, however if I have no space I can refer you to severel excellent therapists.

All sessions are online and are always 50 minutes for individuals, or 60 minutes for couples.


Sessions work at a much faster rate every 2 weeks especially with homework in between. This means with my support, you will explore effective processes to help you make positive life choices, establishing real changes and experience empowering growth.

This works especially when struggling with emotions, feelings, patterns of behaviour from the past or present especially in relationships, family, work, hobbies, health etc.

As a qualified, very experience and proficient psychotherapist and counseller, I work with both clients and therapists, to help all clients to explore, recognise and identify any unhealthy or challenging behaviour that is holding you back and doesn’t help you to be the best you can be. 

I help you to acknowledge and praise your resilience, successes and milestones and will never reinforce behaviour that will harm you or others, and

I will set homework in between sessions which helps you to develop ways to become your own therapist and not dependent upon sessions.

I will help you to set your very own goals, to challenge and explore any defences or triggers that hold you back. To enable you to work towards making positive choices and changes, to recognise emotions and feelings from the past and help you move forwards.

I will help you to focus and process real life-changing challenges, to make your own empowered choices and positive decisions.

I will help you to work within your limitations, to embrace a balanced physical and mental life, to make stronger connections as you move forward forming healthy, firm boundaries. 

Home Visit by appointment (vulnerable or older clients only)

Individual and Couple Counselling

I provide short or long term sessions and usually set work in between sessions to enable you to feel much more empowered, to process changes quickly becoming far more independent of therapy by developing your own skills, techniques and strategies.

I will support you for as long or as short as you feel you need, through anything you struggle with. If you feel unhappy, unfulfilled, not reaching your full potential, sad, depressed, stressed or anxious and feel it is time to talk things through. I am always here for you every step of the way to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions, or try to make sense of things.

I will help you to express and process any past or present challenging experiences and behaviour. I will help you to unpack whatever is on your mind, to gain a deeper understanding towards improving focus on your needs, to create healthy boundaries, develop self-awareness and grow in confidence towards your chosen goals.

I will support you to find your voice, to feel heard, held, see things differently, make informed choices, changes and gain a deeper understanding of what may trigger you to feel stuck by exploring things that can hold you back.

Online sessions: Zoom, WhatsApp Video, or any other platform, you can experiment and explore which works best for you.

We can always use telephone as a back up if the internet is not working. 

I can be very flexible starting off to find the best day and time that is a good fit, so please do let me know your availability.

If you would like online sessions please do let me know which application, make sure you are in a confidential space and I will always add extra time if we experience any complications starting.

I welcome your thoughts and I do look forward to arranging our first session.

When you send your enquiry by email I will promptly book you in for your first session. 


As a new client, you will have completely unique requirements, I will make notes in session to gain a deeper understanding of your past and present, explore your needs.

I will send you a detailed email, simply outlining the session and identifying any goals.

I never keep records, unless you ask me to therefore your notes  will be confidentially filed away.


I will support you and talk through the different ways I can work with you and how we can work together.


You can share your thoughts and preferences, how you would like to work therapeutically with me, or you might prefer some guidance, which we can always explore at any time throughout the sessions. 


If you would like to focus on a few specific areas, concerns or issues we can set goals with short term sessions ranging between 6 to 36 weeks using with a more present and solution focus (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy).

This will also involve setting homework and keeping journals in between sessions.


You may prefer long term work, taking things at a slower more understanding pace, working slowly, building up confidence and resonance with a much more gentle, considerate, deeper thought approach to gain a much deeper understanding and meaning to the past and present to help you to begin to move forwards which could be anywhere between 6 months to 6 years  (Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytical or Gestalt). 


I always practice with empathy, providing a non-judgmental, confidential, safe and trusting space for you to express and reflect your thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, experiences,  behaviours or any concerns.


I embrace ongoing professional development by updating and my synthesis of theory based on Cognitive Behaviour, Humanistic, Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytical, Existential, Gestalt, Art Therapy, Holistic and Neurological development therapy).


I will help you to explore and gain insight into your personal life experiences, health, habits, mental and physical challenges, relationships, needs, boundaries, negative thinking and behaviour.


As a professional, experienced Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor I will, listen, hear and talk with you. I will support and guide you, together we can have sessions in person, by Zoom or by Skype. I bring a depth of knowledge and experience to help you to make sense of your past, to manage your present and change your future.


I will help you to develop a trusting therapeutic relationship and enable you to explore your deepest thoughts, feelings and personal issues. You will gain a better understanding of yourself, relationships, work, family and to develop your inner resources.


I will encourage you to find your own solutions to your problems, explore choice, gain self-acceptance, establish healthy boundaries and relationships, to feel confident, develop personal growth, to experience a positive, happy, fulfilling life and to begin to reach your true potential.


Trying to find a therapist that can work with you in person, by telephone or Skype may seem overwhelming.

You will find it helpful to book a session to explore any questions or queries that you may have, especially if you are contemplating therapy and you just need that extra motivation. Making contact is the first step; I will always try to respond promptly.


I provide a developing synthesis of updated theoretical practice, neurological theory and holistic, well-being knowledge to help us to focus on your needs in every session. I can work professionally with you using Skype or Face to Face. My professional membership with BACP helps me to reinforce and enhance my practice and supports my determination to remain at the forefront of my profession.


The Ethical Framework for Good Practice helps me to maintain the highest possible standards, working with empathy, integrity, sincerity, resilience, respect, humility, competence, fairness, wisdom and courage. I always work with a wide range of professional publications, academic studies, research, guidelines and journals, to keep up to date with news, professional development and international policy changes.


A Synthesis of Theory

I have developed my practice for over 30 years, becoming an accomplished, experienced, and professional Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist. I realize that every client has unique needs; therefore, I inform my work with a variety of different and interchangeable theories.

I have adapted my practice to constantly evolve, especially when I am introduced to a new theory or approach, which I believe will broaden my perspective and strengthen my practice.

Here are some examples of theories that I bring to my practice; Analytic Therapy, Art therapy, Behavioural, Brief Therapy, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural), Cognitive Analytic Therapy, Creative Therapy, Eclectic, Holistic, Existential, Family Therapy, Gestalt, Humanistic, Integrative, Light therapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Music therapy, Person Centred, Psychoanalytical, Psychodynamic, Psychosexual, Psychosynthesis, REBT (Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy), Relational, Solution Focused, Brief Therapy and Transpersonal.


Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy are interchangeable therapies that overlap in a number of ways. Counselling, in specific situations, is offered as part of the psychotherapy process, and counselling work in a psychotherapy manner.


Couples Therapy

Couples therapy can overlap between counselling and psychotherapy because two people are present rather than one.

It is both a challenging and productive space to be able to talk and work through issues, particularly if doing so on your own often ends up in arguments that go nowhere, adding to the hurt and frustration already present within the relationship.

Therapy offers the opportunity to explore and get to know each other in a different way. Learning more about yourself and each other can lead to a more rewarding and fulfilling relationship in the longer term.


Finding a suitable therapist

Looking for a therapist can often take immense courage, the decision to speak about our problems can be really hard, and many people decide as a last resort, with little hope or expectation. But with my experience and knowledge I believe gentle curiosity and steady focus, we can get 'unstuck' from whatever difficult place we may be in, and develop a fresh sense of understanding, acceptance, possibility, and vitality.


Guidelines and Framework

As a professional, experienced and practicing psychotherapist/Counsellor, I am registered with the British Association for Counselling and psychotherapy (BACP), this is a professional organisation who provide me with a set of professional framework, guidelines, and code of ethics.

I also have supervision every month, where I can explore the way that I am working with my clients with complete confidentiality (I never reveal any names or contact details of any of my), and this process helps me to provide the best possible facilitation and support for all my clients, and it helps me to provide the best possible care.


Our therapy session will always be 50 minutes, on the same day, at the same time, every week, however, if you would feel you need more time, I will under special circumstances, consider extending to two sessions a week.


It is important to arrive exactly at the exact time arranged, this is your time, and if you are late you will be missing valuable therapy time. There may be no waiting area so try to avoid arriving too early.


Once you begin therapy you are encouraged to commit to at least 6 sessions.

If you decide to end therapy it is really useful to work towards a 2-week closure period, as the therapeutic relationship will potentially be a significant one and closure is an incredibly important aspect of our work together.

Sessions are paid every week, on the on the day of therapy. It is important to note from the beginning that any sessions that are missed are always charged for as the allotted space and time is held specifically for you.


I will need to take regular breaks, sometimes during Christmas, Easter and in the summer; I will always let you know my plans well in advance and will ask you to do the same for me. I do not charge for either my holiday time or for yours.


What to expect from Therapy

I understand thinking about counselling can feel daunting or even exposing. However, I am here to support you, to develop a trusting and safe therapeutic relationship. I will help you to feel at ease, to feel safe, and feel supported and relaxed to feel free to talk openly, with absolute empathy, without any judgment, and in complete confidence.

Our sessions will always develop at your pace, I always listen respectfully, attentively and carefully to make sure that I completely understand you.


As you begin to accept and trust in our therapeutic relationship I will help you to explore your beliefs, to look at ways to develop positive thinking and to promote your freedom and wellbeing. Together we explore everything you bring into session. I will help you experience a deeper, mindful experience of your mind and body. I will help you begin to ease any fears, any stressful emotions, negative thoughts, unhappy feelings, unhealthy choices or connections, painful memories, challenging relationships, irregular sleep patterns, or any issues or concerns you feel you just need to gain support to work through. I will help you to regain control of your life as you process and develop a positive understanding of your past, explore your future goals, and begin to live in the present.


Arranging your first session

The first step is to make contact, please send a brief email and then I will contact you to arrange our first session. In our first session, I will include a full assessment, I will answer all your questions and explain everything you would like to know. You will experience how well we work together, in a calm, confidential, comfortable and supportive space in which you will feel safe, feel able to explore your needs and set goals without any judgment.


About Counselling and Psychotherapy 

Sessions are 50 minutes, once a week, 2 or 3 weekly and can vary from short-term (a few months) to ongoing between 3 to 5 years.

I offer an open door to all my clients to arrange a session, you are always welcome to return for a session at any point in your life.


Counselling is a way to talk, explore your feelings, emotions, anything that will help you to identify feeling stuck, blocks, relationships, career, work, family, health, irritations, anxieties, depression, concerns, issues, problems, any crisis. I will support, guide and encourage you to take positive steps to resolve and move your life onwards with a more positive and healthy outlook. It is the best course of therapeutic treatment especially if you already understand well being, and you feel able to begin to identify, explore and resolve issues. Counselling is a process that encourages you to change your behaviour, to bring a life balance and focus on your needs.


Psychotherapy is a slower more in-depth process, to give you the time to talk, to gently explore, identify and process, your deeper anxiety, and depression, deepest pain, insecurities, darkest, fears, pain, hurt, emotional issues, any triggers, any unknown, at your own pace. Each session will enable you to understand where certain patterns of your behaviour originate.


You will begin to feel liberated as you resolve the background to your problems and difficulties, and begin to experience real changes as you challenge your negative thinking and beliefs and begin to live with more balanced, authentic, aware and positive health behaviour.


About Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) & Analytical Practice

Sessions are always 50-minute sessions, once or twice a week and can vary depending on individual needs are offered ongoing. 

Cognitive and Behavioural techniques will help you to identify and to change your challenging, negative or disruptive thoughts, improve expectations and resolve assumptions. We will explore ways to address change gently introducing much more healthy and positive attitudes and behaviours. It is effective for developing relationships, managing work, any stress-related ailments, phobias, obsessions, eating disorders and major depression.


About Supervision 

Supervision sessions are either 50 minutes every 2 weeks or 90 minutes every 3 to 4 weeks.

I will help you to develop your counselling and psychotherapy skills whatever your modality. I will work with your work with clients to develop a strong working alliance, become proficient with ethical guidance, maintain healthy strong boundaries, incorporate flexibility, confidence, and growth. I will provide guidance, structure, and support you to develop as a proficient, confident therapist. I will encourage your professional development, through independent research, and experience.




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