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If, as I do, you find you really do need time out, to escape life challenges, a real life change, with interesting days out, relax reading a book on a balcony with exceptional views, or cooling by a pool,

even sailing for a few nights down the Nile and back... then read on!


I can highly recommend my stay at both of these wonderful and relaxing villas.

Khyry, the Egyptian host and brilliant guide who met Christopher, his wife Pamela from UK,

 on the banks of Luxor whilst on a holiday (check the history below).


These villas are stunning, authentic and laced perfectly overlooking the Nile on the less commercialised west bank side of Luxor in Egypt, closer to the tombs and temples.

The villa actually sits opposite the famous Winter hotel,

we popped over for a stroll and some nice refreshing drinks. 


I loved staying in both of these authentic villas, with friends and family, 

 and wow, what a brilliant time, we all came back invigorated and filled with inspiration. 

The best months are between May and September!

The villas really are huge, all bedrooms are spacious with en-suite, air conditioning, a ceiling fan, towels and sheets are laundered whenever you need by the friendly housekeeper Sayeed.


The views of the Nile, across to the busy East bank and as far as the eye can see are breathtaking and outstanding... 

Actually, from the moment we arrived at the airport we were welcomed by a smiling, happy, English speaking Khyry who chaperoned us everywhere and is a brilliant guide.

What Khyry doesn't know about Luxor is not worth knowing, is the catch phrase! 

Khyry helped us to arrange and book everything, all our trips, activities very nicely over breakfast. We definitely benefited from his knowledge and influence, we seemed to have privilege priority, visiting tombs, temples, especially on the balloon trip, and the incredible Felucca boat and then the Dahabiya sailing ship for 4 nights was incredible, whichever you choose (we did both) its so wonderfully calming watching the village people, farmers and children playing by Nile. 

In the early morning and back from a fun packed day we would head to the cooling pool for a swim and relax.

The food is incredibly  delicious, healthy,

freshly sourced and cooked in the kitchen by the friendly Mahmood.

We had the option to cater for ourselves but chose not to, its so lovely to sample the Egyptian food. We also dined at a few of the recommended local restaurants, especially the Garden Hotel, with stunning grounds, decor and a roof top.

This is the dream holiday and I recommend all my clients, therapists or anyone you know who really needs to take a brea, time out from life challenges visit soon.

I've tried to add information however here is the link to the website,

do mention my name when booking and I am certain they will try to fit you in.


Riverbank House (swimming pool) and Villa Rosamund   

5 large double bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, both sleep up to 10 

Stunning views from the River Nile's West Bank, Luxor, Egypt

Accompanied visits to the temples, tombs of ancient Thebes, hot air balloon ride, 

 camels and horses through the village or relax sailing down the Nile or by the pool


Whatever you decide, we aim to give you an unforgettable time 

free from the constraints of a package tour.

If you have any questions, please simply get in touch

Introducing the co-owners Christopher, Pamela and Egyptian Khyry

describing their incredible journey together to create the 2 authentic villas

on the less commercial west bank on the Nile


It was in December 2003 that we had a chance meeting with Khyry on the corniche by the Nile. 

He had just returned from military service in the north of Egypt to his West Bank village, where his family have a sugar plantation and a small farm. 

Within a short time a bond of friendship and trust was formed between us and when an opportunity arose, we were able to purchase 

some land in a wonderful 

position by the Nile.


This was the foundation of a collaboration to build our two beautiful large villas, employing only local labour and craftsmanship. 

We had together studied some of the designs of Hassan Fahty, 

the Egyptian architect famed 

for his domed buildings and we were able to engage the son of one of his team, who had learned the craft 

from his father. 

We also visited a number of older local buildings for inspiration on internal floor patterns and other features. Most of the brickwork, all the ornamental ironwork and the woodwork, including doors and furniture were made locally.


Khyry has a wealth of local knowledge and contacts, and this joint enterprise could never have been achieved without him. The association between us has extended to members of our families and this has been an interesting and very rewarding meeting of cultures. 

Together, we now have a team which excels in providing an individualised and memorable holiday experience. Our son James has now join us in this enterprise and share ownership of Villa Rosamund with Khyry