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Integrative Clinical Supervision Sessions

  Individual Online 

The first 50-minute session is free, to see how we get along, if we are a good fit.


I embrace diversity, authenticity and difference to support you to develop your  professional practice with confidence.

Clinical Supervision is a fully supportive way to help you to set up, manage, maintain, and to regulate your counselling and psychotherapy practice.

Focus is equally about maintaining your self-care as much as much as your professional development to help you to provide a safe and trusting practice.

I work with all modalities, having completed my Integrative Clinical Supervisory training at The Minster Centre, London.

I have extensive experience working as a Therapist and Clinical Supervisor with Westminster Drug & Alcohol Project (WDP), West London Centre for Counselling (WLCC) and The Awareness Centre (TAC) Clapham, GP practices in Tooting, Islington Community Group, and also in private practice in both Islington and Harley Street, London. 

Supervision sessions tend to be 90 or 60 minutes for qualified therapists and 50 minutes for students or newly qualified therapists every 2, 3 or 4 weeks, depending upon your needs.

I will help you to recognise and focus on ways to enhance your skills and ability, to guide you through any challenges, insecurities, doubts, to develop a depth of confidence to ask any question that may feel challenging.


I can support you before you even begin to set up your private practice or support your growth by investing in ways to encourage you to grow in the practice you have already established.

I will always provide you with regular and ongoing opportunities to reflect in-depth on anything you bring to supervision. 

I will guide and encourage you to develop every aspect of your private practice from the wording and photographs on your listings or website, updating or improving, to the setting of your space. I will always provide you with regular and ongoing opportunities to reflect in-depth on all aspects of your practice.


I will support you to work as effectively, safely, and ethically as possible.

As a Supervisor, I will also help you to feel confident, relaxed, and trust the process so you will enjoy asking questions and developing at your own pace through every relational experiential progression.

I will help you to take control as you develop the personal resourcefulness required to undertake every part of client work.

Supervision is much more than case management. It includes working in-depth on the relationship between yourself and your client in order to work towards desired outcomes and positive effects.

This requires adequate levels of privacy, safety, and containment for you as my supervisee to undertake this work.


I offer a supportive environment where you can regularly discuss and reflect on your work openly without direction or judgment.

The focus of supervision may include the client's material, you as the counsellor's process, theory, ethical issues, and self-care.


My aim is to support you with your needs, to enable you to experience more awareness, confidence, and ethical competence to provide clients with the best possible therapy as well as assisting and supporting your professional experiential development.


I will encourage a professional developmental practice, exploring ongoing research, I find this helps me to stay informed, to enhance, improve, maintain, and provide the very best possible standards of practice.


I work with a range of modalities to help you to develop your own unique way of working. I will support you to experience confidence and growth in your personal development and client competency, embracing your client work with a healthy curiosity and focus on strong client relationships.


Together we will explore vulnerabilities and struggles, difficult issues, that may come up through challenging work,  explore all transferences, implicit and explicit challenges, parallel processing, blind spots.

I will help you to focus on your client's needs, to develop heightened personal self-awareness, to tune into parallel processing, explore differences around thoughts, feelings, emotions, and patterns of behaviours, whilst maintaining strong boundaries.

I will support you to process any personal or client-based challenges to enhance your awareness and engage effectively always developing your own unique way of working professionally with your clients.

I will also help you to maintain professional client boundaries, develop relational skills, acknowledge challenging issues, and focus on your developing needs.


You will begin to experience relational growth and confidence as you develop as a competent, practicing therapist.

Professional developmental research is imperative to help us to stay informed, to enhance, improve, maintain and provide the best possible standards of practice.

Please do contact for a free session to see how we get along


Group Supervision is no longer available at present


There is so much to be gained from a confidential supervision group.


The main advantages are that while I support your individual development you

will also learn from each other as you share valuable developmental processes and support each other.


(build structured, boundaries, safe, trusting, empathic, non-judgmental therapeutic relationships with your clients, in private practice, group practice or placement)

If you receive group supervision, the amount of time you can record for accreditation depends on the number of people contracted to the group. The rule is:

  • for groups of up to four – half the time allotted 
    (so for two hours of supervision each member can claim one hour)


  • for groups of more than four – divide the amount of time by the number of people
    (so for two hours of supervision, a group of six can claim 20 minutes each)

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