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We focus on Short Term Sessions and if required we can progress to Long -Term Sessions

As a recognised, accomplished and experienced Integrative Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor.

I work online, introducing homework and goal setting to empower clients and supervisees to work independently, with the focus on short term sessions whenever possible.

Empowering clients to become your own therapist is essential to avoid unecassary time in therapy.

This is supported by combining Person Centred, (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Holistic, Psychodynamic, Analytical, Gestalt and Humanistic modalities. Together we explore and interpret triggers, trauma or simple influences from the past which affect the present covering home, study, work, exercise, well-being, beliefs, behaviours and relational developments.

Each individual client and supervisee will embrace a depth of awareness and challenging work processes, feel empowered, gain insight into every relationship, focus on needs including physical, emotional, mental, holistic health, at work, leisure, home, especially sleep, diet, habits, addictions and patterns of behaviour. 

This is never an easy path, but it is achievable as we combine attentive, detailed listening with self-awareness and client ‘HOMEWORK’. 

I will support you to unpack, process and move, to experience significant empowering changes to become your own therapist. 

It is an extremely difficult time for everybody trying to cope through the most challenging of time following the Coronaviorus outbreak and into lockdown.

It may feel unbearbale but we can take some comfort from knowing that it will not last forever and I am here for anyone who needs to arrange sessions at a discount.

Please contact me to arrange your first session which is is Free for individual, couples

or Therapists in Supervision to help you to experience how it feels to work with me

and to see if we work well together as a good fit.

I work with short and long-term sessions either On-Line, Telephone or Face to Face.  

Online Sessions are perfect to have in the comfort of your own home or private space and you will feel the benefit within your familier surroundings. Make sure you have a good internet signal, create a safe, confidential and comfortable arrangement with a glass of water ready in good time just before our session. 

Online apps are simple to use, just download your preferred online app to use Skype, Zoom or VSee and add my email before the day of session to confirm you are ready to use. I am qualified, professional, experienced and established to work with

I work to achieve positive choice and change in a very different way to most therapists.

Together we will embrace a depth of work and challenging processes, each individual client and therapist you will feel empowered, gain insight into every individual particular need including physical, emotional, mental, holistic health at play, work and home especially sleep and diet.

This is never an easy path, but it is achievable as we combine attentive, detailed listening with self-awareness, intense ‘HOMEWORK’ processing and to help my clients to identify and make significant empowering changes.


I am recognised as an accomplished Integrative Psychotherapist, Counsellor and Supervisor working with Person Centred, (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist, Psychodynamic and Analytical including Gestalt and Humanistic modalities.

My approach continues to develop and adapt supported by up to date research from WHO, The Lancet and Stirling.


I offer a warm, understanding, confidential and non-judgemental environment in which we can work together. I have over 30 years’ experience working with clients aged from 16 to any age from all walks of life. I specialise in offering treatment to individuals who have difficulties with anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and stress, as well as addictions and other conditions listed below. I also treat couples who may be experiencing difficulties in their relationship.

We can all struggle at times. My focus is to help clients to reach their goals and potential. Whether you are a successful actor dealing with a confidence crisis, someone battling to cope with work or home life, a student stressing about exams, or experiencing too much stress, over thinking, worrying, developing unhelpful behaviour patterns or too little happiness in your life.

I will enable you to achieve positive changes and to gain the confidence and skills to cope effectively with life’s challenges as they arise, both now and in the future. I bring a wealth of experience to gently challenge and help you to work through stress, depression, anxiety, feeling stuck, overthinking or just need to talk things through to make sense and move on. I provide a confidential, safe and anonymous space where you can feel very relaxed, heard, supported and safe to express and explore whatever is on your mind. It is very easy to book a session with me to explore ways to make positive choices and changes towards living a much happier and healthier life.

I work with couples and individuals in short- or long-term sessions. I also set work in between sessions to enable you to feel much more empowered, to process changes quickly becoming far more independent of therapy by developing your own skills, techniques and strategies.

I worked for the NHS during which I undertook training and awareness in both physical and mental health settings. This enabled me to gain in-depth experience of working with the full range of psychological and psychiatric conditions out-patient settings, as well as experience of physical conditions whilst working in a variety of medical settings such as neurology, rheumatology and physical well-being.

I will support you for as long or as short as you feel you need; through anything you struggle with. If you feel unhappy, unfulfilled, not reaching your full potential, sad, depressed, stressed or anxious and feel it’s time to talk things through. I am always here for you every step of the way to explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions, or try to make sense of things.

I will help you to express and process any past or present challenging experiences and behaviour. I will help you to unpack whatever is on your mind, to gain a deeper understanding towards improving focus on your needs, to create healthy boundaries, develop self-awareness and grow in confidence towards your chosen goals.

I will support you to set your own goals, to find your voice, to feel heard, to make informed choices, bring important changes and gain a much deeper understanding of what may trigger you to feel stuck by exploring things that can hold you back.


1983 - Person Centred Telephone, Email, Online Counsellor for Off the Record.

1990 Person Centred Telephone Counsellor with Childline.

1992 - Supervisor and Counselling Trainer for Victims Helpine.

1995 - Co-ordinator and Person Centered Counsellor for LGBT Families and Friends

2003 - Integrative Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytical, Person Centered Counsellor for WDP (Addiction)

2004 - Private Practice Integrative Psychotherapy & Counselling - Islington & Harley St, London

2005 - Integrative (CBT, IAPT, Psychodynamic/Analytical) Councellor for NHS - GP Surgery

2008 - Supervisor - WLCC Counsellors, Hammersmith, London

2009 - Private Practice - Integrative Supervision, London

2018 - Private Practice - Integrative Psychotherapy, Counselling & Supervision - Hove, East Sussex

I support clients to gently explore challenges and concerns and focus on positive needs, and begin to process and focus on their needs, slowly building confidence towards developing enthusiasm and curiosity to help make sense of things, past, present and move life forwards. 

I also bring real challenges to help you develop real awareness, to make changes  

As a professional Integrative Counsellor, I also Supervise Counsellors so clients and therapists can feel completely confident with my experience and professionalism to confidentially and carefully feel supported. 

I am an enthusiastic researcher, inspired to expand, develop and adapt my way of working. Developing expertise helps me to provide all my clients with the very best possible counselling and supervision sessions, working to my best capacity.


I will support you to process your needs, concerns, struggles, anything and everything, to help you to make sense of things, past and present and move your life on.

Homework is simply working out of session. We can plan work to explore tasks, developing skills, practising strategies and using journals to enable you to begin to feel in control in-between sessions and experience real changes.  

If you need someone to talk anything through with confidentially I'm always here to help you. I will also support your concerns caringly, to gently explore at a deeper level, any past or present challenging experiences, thoughts, feelings, emotions or behaviour.

I will always support you to feel heard, to make sense of anything, to see things in different ways, to make informed positive and beneficial choices and changes toward gaining a much deeper understanding. I will help you process what may trigger you to feel stuck by exploring things that can unconsciously hold you back.

Further Session Information


Talking and exploring your thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences, behaviours or relationships especially the effect upon you and others within confidential, none biased counselling sessions will bring many benefits.

I will help you to gain a deeper understanding of feeling stuck or things that might be holding you back, any difficulties or issues that affect you, so that you can find a way to move forward and flourish in life.


I provide a confidential, safe and anonymous space where you can feel confident and relaxed to express and explore whatever is on your mind.

I will help you to express and process any challenging emotions, thoughts, feelings, experiences, and behaviour. I will help you to unpack whatever is on your mind, to gain a deeper focus on your needs, create healthy boundaries, develop self-awareness and grow in confidence towards your chosen goals. 


Talking in safe, confidential and professional sessions will help you to alleviate all sorts of difficulties. This could include experiences with changing moods, relationships, depression, anxiety, stress, fear, panic, life crisis, trauma, self harm, eating disorders,  confusion, codependencyidentity, confidence, addiction, enabling, parenting, relationship difficulties, health issues, anger, frustration, trauma, mental and physical abuse, neglect, addiction, self-esteem, gender, sexuality etc.

If you are feeling at a point in your life where you just want to reach out but not sure how to,

if you are motivated to seek change, are brave enough to want to try to understand and work this out, there is every reason to believe that therapy will help you through this.


I will work with you to develop a supportive, non-judgmental, empathic, safe, trusting and confidential, therapeutic relationship. I will support you to begin to understand your concerns and issues at a deeper level, to make sense of your past, focus on your present and move towards your future.


I will help you to understand and work through any challenges, to help you to focus on your needs. You will begin to process challenging thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviour, especially within relationships. I will support you to feel much more in control, experience growth in independent confidence, develop healthy, positive relationships, express your needs and feel honest and authentic.


I believe in the process of helping you to become your own therapist, to explore and develop your own tools and skills.

I will encourage you to take initiative, process your own concerns, rather than become dependant on me. I bring instinctive, awareness to support you to make sense of negative, unhelpful, and challenging thoughts and behaviour.


Every client is unique, I will therefore tailor my work to focus on your specific needs, help you with your relational concerns, work and family challenges, including identifying and processing any triggers from your past, help you identify and explore your boundaries and set up healthy filters, work through unrealistic expectations or assumptions, identify influential core beliefs and reactions, work with dreams and unconscious processes.  


We will focus on talking things through, exploring thoughts, sharing plans and ideas, setting goals, challenging expectations and assumptions by experimenting and becoming curious. We will explore negative thinking and bring a balance with positives, acknowledge and make sense of the past and begin to feel more in the present, establish firm and strong boundaries, identify your needs and begin to filter challenging behaviours or reactions, make beneficial changes and experience significant growth.


Together we can explore feelings and emotions that trigger trauma and begin to bear the unbearable, we can explore blocks, feeling blinkered or rigid thinking using gentle, small steps. We can work creatively using a sand tray, photographic images, chair work to process gently and move life forward.

Please do contact to arrange a session, remember sessions are very easy to arrange, I always encourage my clients to work towards becoming independant of therapy from early on rather than spending years in therapy. 

My clients can work in between sessions with homework to develop stronger techniques and strategies sooner.


Please send me an email or leave a telephone message I will always try to make space midweek Tuesday to Thursday to book you straight in.

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