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'We work together to help you make sense of your life, past to present.

Exploring everything, daily routine, sleep to challenging negatives thoughts. 

Recognise defences that hold you back, to make so many positive changes.

Inspire you to take control, experience positive growth and a fulfilling future'

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Testimonials and Links

“You can only change if you want to, its your choice and nobody can 'make you' do anything, it took me a while to understand what that meant but I got there in the end. Trust that Marie is an exceptional psychotherapist, her observations and memory are brilliant, and she will help you to achieve your goals only if you are prepared to do the work. Thanks for everything”. Mr OH

"Thank you for everything I was in such a bad place but somehow you made me realise how to challenge my real thoughts face the truth and take those small steps to change. I even learned to challenge those things I had always avoided which I had never realised, but you supported me, and I got through it all. I know you will try to persuade me I did the all the work and that it was me, but believe me it really was you!

I also love the continuity that I can come back for top up sessions anytime I like.

You are brilliant you have turned my life around and I feel absolutely wonderful.

Thank You again for everything." Ms TW


"I could not have wished for a better supervisor, she is so caring and understanding. She has helped me gain so much confidence, exploring challenges, identifying weak spots and helping me holistically outside of practice life to become a confident therapist.

I especially appreciated her support to update my website, counselling directory, bacp and psychiatry directories. This really helped me to reach suitable clients.

I feel so much more confident and also competent because Marie is so supportive helping me to develop. 

Thank you for everything". LK

“I hated my job, my family, my loneliness, my life. I had absolutely nothing to live for.

Now I have everything to live for. I owe this all to Marie’s tolerance, patience, compassion, understanding, brilliance and tenacity to put up with me for so long. Marie is a genius.” Mr DL

"Marie is a Brilliant SUPERVISOR, after some very disappointing supervisors!

I cannot praise Marie enough for helping me gain so much confidence. 

Mostly for the trust she had in me to overcome my insecurities.

THANK YOU for everything, giving me confidence, brilliant constructive critiques, attention to detail, your care and compassion, mostly for believing in me.

Thank you" Mrs GA


"Marie thank you so much for your amazing counselling support. I trust and respect you so much for your wisdom and compassion, managing to help me to talk about extremely difficult things, some of which as you know I had never spoken of before. You always made me feel comfortable, when it wasn't, but I never felt judged or critisised. I felt heard and supported and I truly value your skill to challenge me despite my 'defences.' You helped me to question my own thoughts and assumptions and think about things in a completely different way.

Your handouts and teaching me how to journal were life changing. You’re so professional, your flexibility and considerable experience helped me put my past to rest. I have a new independent life finally away from codependant relationships. I feel liberated. I never ever thought I could do this or make so many positive changes and I just cannot thank you enough.” Mrs PM

"Marie from the first session instantly made me feel at ease. Sessions were challenging, important and necessary,

I always felt heard and reassured in a compassionate way. I never missed one session! I understand who I am so much more now and not only that but now I can have much better relationships. I feel stable, healthy and motivated to be who I need to be for the future. I am a much happier person because Marie has given me perspective, choice brought amazing changes and for the first time in my life I experience and feel freedom.

Counselling with Marie has been the best decision I have ever made. I am more confident, less angry and above all happy. I have achieved more than I ever thought possible, and I am still using her handout and journals, such an excellent way Marie helped me understand how to catch and change my intrusive thinking and unhealthy behaviour." Mr AD

"Marie, what can I say? Thank you eternally from the bottom of my heart is just not enough to show how grateful I am for your incredible sessions, when you helped me to put so many things into perspective. You taught me how to work through my journals to help me understand myself so much more. Even my crazy dreams, which I admit I thought was strange at the time. But wow to unconscious thoughts what an amazing revelation of clarity as to understand why I react to certain things in my life. You helped me develop so much acceptance and confidence to deal with issues I was previously terrified of thinking about. But I did, and I am so deeply indebted to you, thank you." Mr KS

"Marie is a brilliant therapist, she helped me understand myself in many ways I never understood I had so many defences! She helped me see things I was not aware of and accept parts of myself I did not even acknowledge and make every difference count. I can sleep right through and oh my god that’s the best feeling ever. I always felt heard, supported, listened to, never ever judged. THANK YOU" Ms BC

“I was extremely impressed by Marie's way of working, her honesty and knowledge and experience is impressive which was reassuring right from my first session. She always explained what she was doing, and why, in a way that didn't feel patronising. Her memory is impressive, her therapy is at times challenging but she is incredible at fathoming things out. She covers everything a life balance exploring my health, sleep, lifestyle, always positive and compassionate. I really appreciated the fact that Marie set homework, which helped me to do the work and take responsibility, something I never realised I had avoided.

Marie helped me to feel in control, of my thoughts and my behaviour. I felt empowered and informed, much more like an equal rather than a client, in very wise, safe, trusting professional hands." Ms FC


“I only had 18 CBT sessions with Marie but that was enough to help me focus on the goals I set. I would highly recommend Marie as a Counsellor, she was brilliant at getting straight to what I needed.” Ms MD


"Sessions were beyond my expectations, honest, revealing, empowering and totally life changing. I never imagined the impact of homework, keeping a journal which indeed got the work done  ‘just like it said on the tin’, I do feel like my own therapist." Mr DE 

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